Stylish eyewear that'll frame your face effortlessly

Long gone are the days when glasses resembled milk bottle bottoms. Today, you can look forward to enjoying stylish eyewear that complements your look.
At the Eye Centre Heywood Ltd, we supply adults and children throughout Heywood, Bury, and beyond with fashionable prescription glasses.


Come to us for fashionable prescription glasses

Whether you're a private patient or looking for NHS frames, we can help you find fashionable prescription glasses. When you choose from our £69 and over range, you'll be eligible for our wide range of offers.



A wide selection of NHS frames

If you're coming in for an NHS eye test, we have a wide selection of NHS frames for you to choose between. Our expert opticians can provide you with all the guidance you need while choosing a pair.



Friendly and dedicated opticians

With the help of our friendly and dedicated opticians, you'll walk away from our store with eyewear that's as beautiful as you are. Call us to make an appointment.